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making a meal of seafood.

C. Sinclair fish merchants provide the best quality seafood, a friendly service and delicious new and traditional seafood recipe choices. 

We’ve brought some of the best options for you to 
choose from for family and friends. 

We're always trying new ideas and mastering traditional favourites.

Subject to availability -

please enquire at our shop

or via our website. 

Salmon Gravlax

Hand-cured gravlax, unsliced to retain all of its natural oils and flavour, and cured over a 4-day period to create a fantastic fresh taste and texture. 


Makes a great centrepiece on the table.

Traditional dill gravlax:

Whole sides:          £30 p/kg (avg 1.1 - 1.4 kg)
Half sides:               £32 p/kg (avg 500g – 700g)
Quarter side:          £34 p/kg (avg 250g – 350g)

Retail packs:           £35 p/kg (100g minimum)

Our own dill mustard sauce is the traditional accompaniment for gravlax, giving the salty fish a sweet finish to balance out the flavours.

Small tub: £1.90


Salmon en Croute

Fresh Scottish salmon wrapped in all butter pastry, with a spinach, cream cheese, dill, garlic and wholegrain mustard filling.


2 servings: £7.50 / 4 servings: £13.50 / 8 servings: £25


We can custom make these for any number of guests you have.

Cooked Seafood Platters

Ready to eat, cold seafood platters: 


Substitute dressed crab with dressed lobster: 

£15 supplement. 

If you require something larger please phone 
or speak to us in store.


Stuffed N.Z Greenshell Mussels

New Zealand greenshell mussels stuff with parsley, garlic and cream cheese. 

50p each

Prawn Marie Rose

Cooked king prawns in a zesty Marie rose sauce with sweet smoked paprika, perfect for your prawn cocktail starter!

360ml tub: £4.50


Sinclair’s Traditional Cullen Skink

Our homemade traditional Cullen skink is a firm favourite with our customers, made with our very own natural smoked haddock, cream, potatoes and onion,

a fantastic winter warming fish soup.

Single portion: £2.99

1.2 litre tub: £9 (serves 3-4)

Sinclair’s Traditional Fish Pie

Our famous fish pies are made with smoked haddock, salmon and a mix of cod/hake and haddock, a creamy white wine and leak sauce topped with creamy mashed potato and a crispy topping!

Fish pie for one:       £4.50

Fish pie for 2:           £7.90

Large fish pie:          £21.50 (serves 6-8)



These have become a staple product in our shop and would be a fantastic addition for your starter on the Christmas dinner table. 

Italian street food, consisting of risotto rice, formed into a ball with hot smoked salmon, shallots, cream, a ball of mozzarella in the middle and coated in our panko


£1 each


Our homemade pâtés are another Burntisland staple, made with the finest handmade soft cheese from Yester dairy farm in East Lothian and our fantastic range of smoked/cured fish, which makes for another great addition.

Hot smoked salmon pâté with lemon, crème fraiche 
and dill.
Small £2.95 (serves 2-3)
Large £8.50 (Serves 6-8)

Smoked mackerel pâté with smoked garlic, spring onion and horseradish.
Small £2.50 (serves 2-3)
Large £6.95 (Serves 6-8)

Salmon Gravlax pâté with a dill mustard sauce.
Small £2.95 (serves 2-3)
Large £8.50 (Serves 6-8)



Artisan cheese selection

We have recently expanded our cheese selection and are now supplying the full range of whole cheeses from I.J. Mellis in Edinburgh, and all the same prices! 

We have over 100 choices available to order and can accommodate any size necessary. Just pop into either shop or give us a phone to discuss.

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